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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cheating, again

Again, huge slacker. Our dd is fine and doing well. She has a cyst on her kidney and a few other things, but nothing serious.

Bryson goes in to the cardiologist next week, the Neurosurgeon tomorrow, my mom comes to town, busy, busy, busy.

Ok, now on to the fun stuff =)

Our friend Harv is gay. Gayer than two men wearing pink, having sex, holding a basket of tiaras, on the back of a unicorn, trotting down a rainbow road. I LOVE Harv. Harv was just kicked out of the military for smoking pot (ha). He said someone 'laced the bong' *giggle* he was smoking (because a) smoking out of a bong and b) the scent of pot didn't set him off?). And gay, he was kicked out for popping positive on a piss test (he'd actually been smoking it all 13 years or so he'd been in, he he). Harv was a 'girly' gay, but thought he was a 'bear' and manly gay (*giggles more*, I wish you could have seen him). Harv ALWAYS had the best stories of gay 'sexcapades' that took place at work (yeah, on a military base at work), down town, his apartment..... my favorite quote from him was 'oh honey, I'd fake a gag for you!' EEEKKK! He was just funny.

He met a guy at work (also in the military) that was married....... and had a baby. Well apparently having a baby made him realize he was gay?? He started to spend time over at Harv's "playing video games". One thing led to another and before you know it, Harv was giving this guy head. Then the guy got more into it. He was asking Harv to dress up in women's clothes. Harv went out and bought some naughty women's lacey stuff, fishnets, leather boots, you name it. He then texted me a picture of himself all dressed up, errrr under dressed and I have never laughed so hard in my life. Harv really isn't girly. He is, but he doesn't cross-dress ever. This was one of the few times and it was PRICELESS. So he gets in a full blown relationship with this guy that's MARRIED (to a woman), had a baby, and the wife has NO idea what's going on. She think's he was going over to a buddies to play video games. Yikes. So Harv is now a whore and a home wrecker. Ok, not so much a home wrecker, but he's still my favorite gay slut.

Then, a few months ago, this big 'storm' happened. A woman (we'll call her D) found out her husband (we'll call him Tom) was cheating on her with a woman named 'Patti'. Now, Patti and Tom both work on base. Patti is also married, but not to Tom..... ruh roh. D confronts Patti who comes clean. D, being the super intelligent woman she is, writes all of this info down in a cute letter. She then puts a picture of Patti on the later and prints it out on BRIGHT gold paper. She makes ohhhhhh about 100 copies. She takes these letters down to the building where they work (probably 200 people total). It's a hot day here in the south, so windows are cracked open. She slips one copy of this letter into EVERY open car window (RUH-ROH! Can't take something out of a car that's locked!) and leaves the rest on windshields. For your fabulous viewing pleasure, I am posting a copy of the letter here.

Don't mess with a mean, smart wife!

ENJOY! (to view the entire thing, click on it........... then zoom the view in (bottom right hand corner) and you can read it all)


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spina bifida

Let me start out by saying that I know life wouldn't life with out problems. That what makes life, life! Things would be boring and slow if we didn't have problems and hurdles to overcome. Each day we face problems big and small: What to wear, the traffic backup making us late for work, the jerk of a boss that wont get off your back, the kids fighting, your husband being an ass about the small things, or just not feeling well. I get it. I get that life is full of different problems. But some days present you with bigger problems than others..........

As if life wasn't full enough for us (just trying to stay pg. long enough to deliver a healthy baby), we found out today that our DD probably has spina bifida. Not only does she most likely have it, but she's going to need surgery on her spinal cord before it causes her more problems (severe back pain or paralysis). This something that her peds. back in GA knew about, but did nothing about! They were of the attitude of 'we'll just watch it.' A simple u/s would have shown if she had it or not. She is now having problems from it and something has to be done. She's only 4. I can't imagine the complications that would arise as time went on.

Is it the end of the world? No. Will she pull through this with a smile on her face? Yeah, she will. She's an amazing little girl with a heart made of sunshine and butterflies. But some days, you just don't want to find out there is yet another battle in front of you and that it involves one of your children.


It has been drawn to my attention that I'm a huge slacker and haven't given any updates in a while ;)

We've moved to Texas! It was a crazy time, honest. The home we'd found online, got pictures of, tons of info on, put a deposit on, etc, was NASTY! The pictures were from like 4 years prior and they let the place go. The neighborhood was disgusting with graffiti all over the fences. I pulled the crime report and in the month prior there were 4 breaks in and a shooting.... on that street!! Never mind the streets around it. So we were left in TX with no place to live. We have since found a home that...... well.... it will work for now. In a year or two, we'll be looking to purchase a home. Our stuff got here late and then a lot of it was stolen (good thing we paid extra for insurance!). So we had to file a claim that took over a month for them to 'settle'. It was a total joke. I'm sure there's an honest moving company out there, but Conntinental out of Anchorage isn't one of them!

I'm still pg. with our third, but barely (ok, no there isn't such a thing as 'barely' pg.). My pelvis is broken (it's easiest to say it that way, but the bones are pulling apart and it's very painful), my scar from my prior c-sections is too thin, the baby only has one artery in his cord, and I have contractions all the time. So, I hope to make it a few more weeks (wont go more than 6), but as soon as I go into labor, that's it. They'll cut me open and get the baby out.

P is doing fantastic. I've never seen her so happy! She's still up in AK, but plans on returning to Canada soon. Her divorce is final (YAY!!) and she hasn't been in contact with Jason at all. She gets full custody of her son, and 'dad' (sperm donor) gets visits in the summer.

Jason is still in Iraq. I keep in touch with his sister some, but don't really know a ton. He wife filed for divorce and is trying to take him to the bank (and she should!). He faked everything from what we can tell, including the cancer! He never had cancer and it was all part of his elaborate lie. It kind of makes sense now though, since P was 'done' with him at the time. He made it up to get her 'back' and it worked. She fell right into the trap. He is the things serial killers are made of!!

I promise to tell the suicide story in a bit.......

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Coming a little later............. It's a VERY long story, but some people just can't take the pressure of life.

Bottom line though, trying to kill yourself when you have thre children is disgusting and a horrible thing to do to your family (but that's my opinion)

That double life will get you every time

So, the shit storm around me continues. Sometimes it's great to be sitting in your glass house watching to poo fly around you, but other times you want to reach and pull some one into the safety of your lookout!

I had introduced Petrea and Jason. She was going through a divorce and he was just single (er, um... so I thought). She's one of the nicest people I had ever met and he seemed to be an honest guy (LOL!). I told them to go out and have fun. It turned into more than that and she wasn't interested. She was ok with being 'fuck buddies' if you will. She told him nothing more, he pursued her. He was like 'I love you, I want to merry you. I'll move to Canada with you when I got out of the military.' He was just head over heals about her! She felt guilty because he was such a nice guy and treated her well. So she said 'fine.' (who does that by the way?!?!)

Over the summer they had kind of split and another friend of mine came up. They did everything but have sex. No big deal, they're adults and both single. Fine.

A month ago Petrea and I were out at dinner. Jason was really upset she was out with me, which was strange considering Jason and I were friends and I was obviously friends with her. He was just super upset that we were hanging out (obviously no the first time we'd ever hung out!). Somehow Allison and Jason came up. She said something about them only kissing. I about fell out of my chair laughing. THAT'S why he didn't want us to talk!! He knew it would come up and he had lied to Petrea. I was laughing and tell that is hardly what happened. That I had walked in on them both naked on my couch (don't worry, I got new couches). So I KNEW 100% they didn't just 'kiss once outside'.

She calls and asks him about it and he gets pissed that we were talking about him and then begins to lie. He says that nothing happened, he promises her. That I'm a liar and a bitch (now that's not very nice Jason). I am now just 'done' with him. I CANNOT stand liars. If there's one thing I have zero tolerance for, it's liars. Not only did he lie, but he tried to throw me under a bus... that wasn't even moving! I've known Petrea for years and have no reason to lie to her. She believed me. But more than that you have Allison who says this is what happened and another GF of mine who walked in on them also! So obviously, Petrea knew the truth. She wasn't upset he had messed around with another women, they were broken up (and that night she was out with another guy)!! And she was messing around with other people since she was single. No big deal.

What pissed her off was the lie, which makes sense. He guilt's her into staying with him. He was on his way to Iraq and said he couldn't live with out her, blah, blah, blah. He was going to send her an engagement ring (barf) from Iraq. She went to see him TX after his training, before he got on 'that plane'.

I, on the other hand, was like 'up yours buddy!!' You don't accuse me of stuff (when you are lieing) and have me just be ok with it. I knew if he was willing to lie about something sooooo minor, he was a HUGE liar and lied about other things. I began to think when he went home before he left that he went to see another woman, ect. I had no proof and didn't say anything to Petrea other than he's a liar and I didn't trust him.

She calls me in tears a few nights ago.........................

She was on the web cam with him when her phone rang. She said, 'Hello?' A voice on the other end said, 'Is this Petrea? This is Darcy XXXXXX.' Petrea was just like 'OK'. Darcy goes on to say 'Jason XXXXXX wife.'

Petrea looks at Jason (they were on the web cam together!! OMG what timing!!) gives him the middle finger, and yells 'FUCK YOU ASS HOLE!' and hangs up on him (well, you know what I mean by hang up).

They chatted for almost two hours. Turns out, he was married. I don't mean married and they were separated or going through a divorce. I mean still married as in talked every day, visited each other, said 'I love you,' planned on being with each other, she had no idea he was sleeping with another woman, that kind of still married.

The kicker is Petrea has an STD. She has HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. She's always really careful and Jason knew. They began to have unprotected sex because he begged and begged. She told him the risks..... he basically could never have unprotected sex with another woman. He said they were going to get married, so that didn't matter. But Jason, it's pretty hard to marry a woman when you're still married to someone else!! DUH!

So that poor, poor wife of his now has to go get checked. He may have given her cancer! Petrea felt HORRIBLE! Her husband had cheated on her (as I've talked about) and that's why she's going through a divorce. Petrea would have never, ever, EVER gone near him with a 10 foot pole if she knew he was married.

As it turns out, every.single.thing. Jason had said was a lie. EVERYTHING! Down to the smallest of details. At one point he said he had cancer and was going through all this treatment, even getting out of work!! It was all a lie!! All of it.

There was another guy in the shop that helped carry on the lie, totally disgusting. I know a lot of people cheat in the military, and all over for that matter.... but this...... this is like serial killer, double life kind of crazy. I knew he was a liar, but had noooo idea had bad it really was. P later went to talk to the 'friend' and he said he knew about J still being married and everything. His response was: "every one in the military cheats." REALLY? I wonder if his wife knows that......

Little things keep coming out and she's finding out more and more everyday. He wrote a letter at one point before he left for a mission the other day saying he was going to carry out both relationships and see which one failed first..... niiiiiiiiice!!

I hope that at some point he gets the help he clearly needs, but I doubt he will ever go in. In his mind, he's just a jerk. In my mind, he's a lunatic.

A sample of WHAT?!?!

As I said, sometimes I hear the BEST stories. The other weekend was no exception!!

It was in the 40's one day, in February.... in ALASKA!! So the neighbors and I were all out drinking by the fire pit (although, my drink was just juice ;) ). That's, when you hear the best stories! So if you're ever hanging out with a big group of people, I highly recommend not having a drink and just listening, it's really funny.

Aside from the big snowball fight........ yes, you read that right. Snow.ball.fight. We were outside by the fire pit, in Alaska, in February, and there was a snow ball fight. I had to go in and use the restroom or I would have peed my pants from laughing when one of my neighbors picked up the other neighbor's teenage boy, slammed him into a snow bank and whitewashed him. For those Southern folks who have never seen snow, a white wash is when you take some one and rub a lot of snow in their face. It's HILARIOUS when it's a smart-ass teenager having it done to them.... trust me.

Braun is a lab tech. He told me of this day he had at work........................

He was in Iraq collecting urine samples from military members and locals and all kinds of people for different reasons. They test for infections, drugs, any problem that may. It is just a typical lab, but he was working in urine that day. A German guy comes up to the desk limping. He pulls a sample cup out of his pocket and it's full. Braun looks at it and starts to laugh. He asks the guy what it is. The guys says, I just couldn't do it any more. They didn't tell me how high to fill it, so I just filled it up. That's the best I could do.

This man had to give a sperm sample. He had filled the cup. Yes, I said filled. As in to the top.... with his man juices. Now, this is a regular sample cup that the doctor gives you to pee in. It was filled..... filled with sperm!!

How did he do this? Well, that's why he was walking funny. He had jerked off into this cup, so many times that he was raw. This man basically sat at home all weekend, jerkin off into a pee cup.

The kicker? They couldn't even use the samples. It has to be brought in w/i an hour or something. So allll his hard work, down the drain.